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In my practice care of every patient starts with the consultation. During this initial consultation, I examine the area of the skin, or the spots you are concerned about; and advise you of treatment options and provide you with my recommendations. Duration of consultation depends on the nature of condition that you are concerned about. Some consultations are short and some are lengthy, as we have to review and discuss various issues. The usual consultation fee is $150.00

Cost of medical services:

Our fees are based on the level and type of service that is provided for each patient. We try to keep our fees very reasonable and competitive. In addition to the initial consultation fee, we charge a flat fee for therapeutic procedures. Number of treatments needed to achieve desirable results will depend on the type, size and thickness of the skin condition or skin spots, etc. Everyone's skin type and their spots are unique. There is no scientific method to predict or determine how many treatments may be needed for a given type of skin spot.

Cost of follow up:

Quite often, I ask patients to return for follow up. When the follow up visit is short, and there is no need for re-treatment, I usually waive the charge for that visit. When there is a need for re-treatment, we only charge for the procedure. Patients who require frequent treatments for the same condition receive a discount for the repeat procedures.

Insurance plans:

We do not participate in insurance plans. We will gladly provide you with a receipt that you can submit to your insurance.